All good wishes for a peaceful Advent season, a Merry Christmas and a New Year 2023 that may be less interesting than the past one.

Peter J. Brenner


Climate change, migration and digital media have radically changed the German educational landscape over the past decade. The old routines of the educational system are of no help in this respect, neither are ill-considered reforms that lack a connection to the reality of education.

Since 1999, the IMSW has been dealing with the educational reality of German schools and universities and developing both practicable and theory-based solutions to concrete problems.

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Prof. Dr. Peter J. Brenner

Prof. Dr. Peter J. Brenner

Prof. Dr. Peter J. Brenner is founder and director of the IMSW. In his decades of scientific work at various universities, including the Technical University of Munich, he has acquired extensive knowledge of the German education system. He has become known in the discussion of education policy through numerous scientific publications and critical statements on developments and misguided developments in the German education system.

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