What we stand for

Climate change, migration movements and the reshaping of the digital media landscape are developments affecting German society, and, ultimately, the world as a whole. They have a massive impact on the reality of German education, too. These developments, which directly affect both the school and higher education systems, are fundamentally shifting the problems of education politics.

The German education system is facing challenges that require new answers. Pisa and Bologna have reached a dead end and are not helping any further. The current problems call for more reflection on the fundamentals. Questions must be asked anew about what an education system can, should and wants to achieve.

In addition to the resumption of a fundamental discussion on education politics, however, the system must be adapted to the new circumstances during ongoing operations. This requires new ideas and pragmatic solutions, which must be found in controversial discussions.

This is what the IMSW stands for with its many years of experience in German educational reality.

To the offer of the IMSW

Angebot IMSW
  • Lectures on topics of educational politics, educational science and educational history
  • Lectures on the history of literature and culture
  • Lectures and workshops for foreign delegations on the political, social and economic situation in Germany (German education, vocational training, industry 4.0, hidden champions)
  • Teacher training workshops
  • Workshops for staff training of authorities and institutions of education management
  • Advice and expertise for the further development, restructuring and reconstruction of school, vocational and university educational institutions at home and abroad
  • Expertise on current education policy issues

As a rule, the services are provided personally by Prof. Brenner. For more complex research, analyses and surveys, freelancers may be consulted on a project-by-project basis.

The IMSW only offers services that are scientifically sound and ethically justifiable. “Framing” concepts are just as little a part of this as data manipulation or party-politically narrowed down commissioned work.